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Historical crime writer David Wishart was born in Arbroath, Scotland. He studied Classics - Latin and Greek - at Edinburgh University and after graduation taught for four years in a secondary school.

He then retrained as a teacher of English as a Foreign Language and worked abroad for eleven years, in Kuwait, Greece and Saudi Arabia. He returned to Scotland in 1990 and now lives in Carnoustie.

He is married to Rona, now retired but formerly head of Support for Learning at St Leonards School in St Andrews, and has two children and - at the last count - four grandchildren. He does not play golf but spends a great deal of his non-writing time walking.




A couple of months back I had an e-mail from a new reader in Australia, Assaph  Mehr, who runs a blog featuring interviews with characters from contemporary fiction. His one with Corvinus is now up and running, and you can access it at the following address:

As always, my very best wishes to you wherever you are. Please do feel absolutely free to get in touch through the link: it's always a pleasure to hear from readers, particularly if they're planning to be in the Carnoustie area (we have a really, really good golf course here), and a 'Message from the Website' notice in my inbox - when the message itself doesn't turn out to be promising huge monthly returns from bitcom investments or offering dubious female services of a personal nature -  makes a very welcome start to the day.


The Angus Books

These are definitely, to put it in Scots, ‘doon a diff’rent dreel a’thegether’ from my Roman ones.

Angus is my home county, where the books are set. There are two of them, ‘Hexagon’ and ‘Jaeger’s Howe’, written (and set) in the 1980s, ie before my first book, ‘I, Virgil’, was accepted for publication. They have nothing to do with historical crime, or with Rome; I meant them for readers - particularly but not necessarily young adults - who shared my own interest in Celtic and Scandinavian mythology and in the blurring of the barrier between ‘then’ and ‘now’ which was a feature of, say, the Alan Garner books of the 1960s. Although, as you’ll find if you read them, mine are much, much darker.

Not Corvinus, then, nowhere near, and products very much of their time. But pulled out of the drawer, dusted down and subjected to a drastic rewrite they still work for me. Please do, if you think they might be of interest, have a look at the blurbs and first chapters.
Comments and reactions, as always, are appreciated

Ebook versions

All the titles (Hodder-published and later) are available on Kindle, and Bodies Politic/No Cause for Concern are available, too, through Smashwords and the companies they supply.I’ve also Kindled and Smashworded two other books - not Corvinus, not Roman, not crime -, 'Hexagon' and 'Jaeger's Howe'. In their original form, the stories were written more years ago than I like to count, certainly before I was published, and then when I was Hodder slipped me into the Historical Crime slot, so  they stayed in the drawer. A great pity, since I’ve always really, really liked them, and through the magic of Kindle I can now take them out, dust them off, and – after some major rejigging and polishing - publish them myself. As I say, they are a completely different kind of book, so I'll quite understand if they're not for you. However, if you’re interested, then please do go to the Amazon Kindle site, call them up and have a look. 

That's about it for the present. Do, please, feel free to get in touch about anything. It's always good to know there's someone out there.

Very best wishes



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